Created by groomers, for groomers, IPG is a genuinely global association of carefully selected, highly skilled affiliates networking right around the world. Together, we have established an independent suite of internationally recognised grooming standards divided into three distinct levels, assisting groomers to evaluate their abilities within a nurturing environment and providing them with the guidance they need to elevate those abilities to the level they desire.

Our goal is to educate, support and accredit groomers in order that they may change the conversation with their clients by raising and authenticating their status as experts in the field, increasing their influence over the welfare of all pets passing through their doors.

Governed by our Code of Ethics, all IPG members must prioritise the best interests of the animals in their care and the ethical and respectful treatment of both pet owners and fellow pet professionals, assuring customers who choose Certified groomers of the quality of service they can expect.

By becoming a Certified Groomer, not only will you enhance your image in the eyes of your clients, your wider community and your peers, you will reinvigorate your work with a newfound sense of pride, passion and purpose knowing you are truly at the forefront of this fun and fulfilling industry.

IPG… where grooming is, at once, profession, passion… and art!