International Professional Groomers Inc. was first incorporated in Texas, USA on 16 March 1988.  Today, it is an internationally recognised corporation with highly trained, accredited Certifiers across the US as well as in Canada, Latin America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and of course, Australia.

As one of the oldest organisations educating and accrediting groomers globally, IPG’s express aim is to recognise and nurture individual skill, support business success and establish clear standards of excellence throughout the industry.  As a representative industry association and proud member organisation of the Professional Pet Groomers’ and Stylists’ Alliance, we take our role seriously, and require all our members and accredited groomers to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, which is both monitored and enforced.

IPG is, above all, a portal for information, education and both professional and personal support for professional groomers everywhere, whether they be beginners just starting out, or advanced stylists seeking like minds and fresh perspectives.

Australian Regional Affiliate
Nicky Renwood ICMG

One of the first International Certified Master Groomers (2004) and accredited IPG Certifiers (2006) in Australia, Nicky was born into the dog show world amidst her parents’ award-winning Bearded Collies.  She began handling show dogs at a young age, competing at Crufts at just 14; and continues to show avidly to this day, with many Best In Show ribbons to her credit.   She has been an active member of Dogs Victoria, NSW and SA for over 35 years, and is both a licensed dog show judge and grooming judge.

After opening her highly successful grooming salon, Stylish Dog Grooming, in Melbourne in 1996, she founded the Australian Dog Grooming School in 2003, and represented Groom Team Australia from 2009-2012.  She has achieved many Best In Show awards  in grooming competitions throughout Australia and New Zealand in addition to numerous placings in the USA.  These days, whilst she has since sold her large salon to devote more time to teaching, she continues to groom from home in between periods on the road and abroad conducting IPG testing and showing her much-treasured Shelties.