Membership of IPG is the first stepping stone on your path to becoming an accredited groomer or salon or school operator.  And, once you achieve your Certification(s), you must maintain your Membership in order to keep these valid.  As world leaders in groomer recognition, we want to change the pet industry, and to do this, we need customers to be assured Certified Groomers are staying current with industry trends and keeping their skills sharp by completing IPG’s Continuing Education modules included with each annual Membership renewal.

Benefits of Membership and Certification

  • Increase your knowledge
  • Gain recognition for your skills
  • Enhance your image in the eyes of your clients, encouraging them to accept your advice
  • Increase your financial security by allowing you to charge fair prices for your work
  • Reduce your stress by learning new approaches to resolve old problems
  • Raise public awareness of the advantages of seeking out certified professionals
  • Receive annual continuing educational modules and ongoing support
  • Continue to use your certified groomer title(s) and the IPG logo when promoting yourself and your business


How can I join?

6 months’ Membership is included when you enrol in Track I.  Once that expires, you will need to use this form to renew online using a credit card or PayPal account.