Potential students recognise that IPG Approved Grooming Schools are more than just a cut above the competition.

Approved Schools are often the first taste of the grooming industry experienced by would-be groomers, and as such, are indispensable in the quest to advance our industry, and honour and promote the spirit of IPG to “be the difference for them“.

Schools seeking IPG Approval are assessed in three key areas:

1. Facilities must meet or exceed industry standards of best practice in safety, equipment and sanitation and be compliant with all State and local regulatory requirements.

2. The curriculum must be fresh and contemporary, reflecting current industry trends, advances in product and equipment technologies and modern perspectives on handling and behaviour. It must also incorporate the training required for students to receive IPG’s Track I Certifications upon their graduation (provided at a discount to students of Approved Schools).

3. Instructors must be skilled, experienced, compassionate groomers who have successfully completed both Tracks I and II of IPG, earning the title Certified Advanced Professional Groomer. They must all maintain active Membership of IPG and complete annual continuing education modules focusing upon teaching. One Instructor or Consulting Instructor at the School must be a Certified Master Groomer (they may have earned this title through IPG or an equivalent industry association).

IPG offers tailored support to assist Grooming Schools achieve Approval.  We are in the process of developing unique education solely for Grooming School instructors; and already provide continuing education modules to School operators focusing upon business success.

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