Track II is the second level of our certification program. Groomers must have successfully completed Track I to begin this level, and successful completion of Track II is a prerequisite for Track III.

Track II consists of one large training module:

Certified Advanced Professional Groomer (cAPG)

This certification accredits competent groomers able to perform aesthetically pleasing grooms demonstrating correct balance and angulation; to correctly groom double-coated breeds; and to demonstrate safe, compassionate handling of fragile and elderly pets.

It is also a prerequisite for advanced groomers wishing to go on to Track III.

Comprising a 100 page A5 training manual and two 40-minute DVDs, it provides more advanced education about skeletal structure and other anatomy; how to use grooming to correct conformation faults and create shape, style and symmetry; the use and quality of scissors, thinners and chunkers; the unique requirements of double-coated breeds; dematting procedures; and safe handling of fragile toy and elderly dogs.

Participants are required to pass one written test and two practical examinations: one grooming a double-coated breed and demonstrating correct dematting, deshedding and finishing techniques (for example, appropriate breeds include Pomeranian, Keeshond, Sheltie, Aussie Shepherd or similar); and one grooming a long-coated, elderly dog using a combination of clippers, snap-on combs and scissoring and blending techniques to demonstrate a stylish, well-balanced groom showing correct angulation, whilst displaying careful handling of a fragile pet.

Upon successful completion of this module, you may use the letters “cAPG” after your name, display an IPG-provided “Certified Professional Groomer on Staff” sign outside your premises and include our logo in all your promotional material.

How are assessments conducted?

IPG’s Australian Certifier, Nicky Renwood, travels throughout Australia and New Zealand assessing practical examinations.  Written tests may be conducted in front of Nicky on these occasions, or you may request to complete them in advance in front of a proctor and either post/email them to Nicky or hand them over in person on the day of your examination.  Group examinations are organised each year at major centres in order to minimise travel fees, or Nicky is prepared to travel to individual salons wherever possible, for an additional charge.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of Track II is AUD $455.00 .  This does not include assessor travel charges, as these are calculated on an individual basis.

How can I enrol?

Submit your details using our Enrol Online page, then you will be taken to our payments page to make your Track selections and pay securely via Credit Card or PayPal account.